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We are a group of Radio Amateurs who enjoy restoring and using vintage radio gear. We like the challenge of acquiring, repairing, and operating equipment that otherwise would be on its way to a landfill. Many of our group live on the North side of Kansas City and our old rigs tend to drift, thus the name Northland Drifters.

Join us most every morning and evening on 28.325MHz USB. This web page documents repair and restoration projects by members of this small group.

Vintage "Junk" or "Treasure" ?

Our small group has been putting "junk" on the air for several years now. We treasure old Heathkit, Drake, Kenwood, Knight kits, Eico, Johnson, Tempo, Yaesu and anything with tubes in the finals. Vintage Radios and Amplifiers from about 1950 through the mid 80s are our preferred projects.

Join us on the Alburquergue Boat Anchor Radio Net on Thursday nights 8:00 PM central on 7.203MHz. Net Control is Ken KO5Y. Check out an audio recording from a recent net at

Where the thrill of making a good contact has given way to the amazement of getting the rig to work at all!

You do not need to have a tube rig to join us, just have something vintage or an interest in acquiring vintage type gear. We operate mostly SSB, and some AM to celebrate the vintage radios of the past.

See what we are working on this month, and keep your hand on the dial as we wander about. It's all about having fun with vintage equipment.

Always wanted a "Boat Anchor" but didn't know which one to pick. Take a look at N8FVJ's "Tube Type HF Transceivers Buyers Guide."

This Months News Letter: 06-18-2018



From Left to Right:

Glen WSØB, Fred KC5RT, Tim KDØKIO,Robert KCØRAT,Charley KBØVFW,Steve KDØGIB,Ron NEØX and Dick NØNH.

Join us on Saturdays at 7:30 am at HyVee in Liberty, Mo.

(just east of I-35 on 152)


Vintage Nets

20 Meter Sunday Boat Anchor Users Nets.

Kenwood Hybrid Net 14316 Sun 1800GMT WB0IQK/Mark

Vintage Sideband Net 14293 Sun 1900GMT TX/K5LYN/Lynn

Collins User Net 14263 Sun 2000GMT CA/KW6KW/Sandy

New Heathkit Net 14293 Sun 2030GMT CA/WB6LRG/Don

Swan User Net 14292 Sun 2100GMT CA/WB6MWL/Jay

Clay County 10 meter Net

The Clay County Amateur Radio Club has an informal 10 Meter net every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm CST on 28.325 MHz.

Listen for WNØNNM (Duane)



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Restoration / Repair Projects

Henry Amplifier

Henry 2K Repair by KC5RT and WSØB ....Updated (01/10/2014)


Inside the bargain NCL 2000 Amplifier

by KC5RT

NCL 2000 Screen Grid Protection.


Inside the Henry 4K

Disassembly Instructions

By Thomas NE7X

----------------------------------- Southern California Area Henry Repair

Barry Fitchew - N6VOH
Henry - Ameritron - Heath Repair

Henry Amplifier Projects and Info

Great News the Henry Info Site is back up thanks to N3XKB.


My "New" Henry Amplifier 2KD-3 by Mike N5RXP

Henry 2KD-5 desktop refurbishment by KA1VE

Henry Radio Amplifier History Page

Information on where to obtain HENRY transformers

Old Projects that never die.

The KW 2000B by KC5RT

SB220 by NØXB

TS511S by KC5RT

Galaxy 300 by NEØX

HW101 Project by KC5RT

Siltronix 1011C by KC5RT

SB 1000 restoration by KØPSA






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