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Parts and Info

Radio Beginner (a must read)

Electron Tubes Data Sheets

Boat Anchor Parts (Knobs)

Dan's Small Parts

Apex Surplus Parts

The Heathkit Shop

Heathkit Part Number Cross reference

Old Radio

All Electronics Surplus parts

Surplus Sales of Nebraska

Fair Radio Sales

N0JIM hayseed hamfest (DX60)

Antique Electronic Supply (Capacitor Source)

Radio Daze

Nostalgia Air






Ham related sites (Classified Ads) (call sign look-up)

Manuals and Schematics (Free Manuals)

Bama Mirror Site (Free Manuals)

Heathkit Manuals (Not Free)

Heathkit Manuals (Free Manuals)

Ebay tools

baseband ebay hamradio scanner

Joe Tracker's ebay price statistics

KC Retail Sales Outlets:

WB0W homepage

Associated Radio (Kansas Candy Store)

Radio Shack in Derby, Kansas.



John Walker's tube list.

Yaesu Mods PDF (from

Capacitor Decoder

Logging Program (Free)

Power Supply Schematics:

Swan 117CX

Drake AC4

Drake AC3

Heathkit PS20

Heathkit HP13

Heathkit HP23

Tempo1 AC

Manufacturer Specific Pages:

Boat Anchor Manufactures

EB5AGV's Drake 4 line Page

Drake Tech Tips (WB4HFN)

Yaesu Vintage Page

Hammarlund Historian

Hallicrafters Muesum

Boat Anchor Pix Site

Knowledge Base Links

Franks Tube Data

WJ0E Capacitor Page

Molded Mica Capacitor Codes

Boat Anchor Dreams (R-390 stuff)

Other Manuals

Heathkit Marauder



Meter Scales: download a free tool

Magizine Archives:

Electric Radio

73Magizine Info and Archive

73Magizine for free

CQ Magizine Archives


Supplies / New Parts Sources

GC electronics supplies

MP Jones




KANSAS Section News:

Kansas Radio Nirvana


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