Peter Dahl transformers are available from Hammond Mfg. Call 1-716-630-7030 and ask for Peter Dahl Sales.

Mark Mercer at Hammond: e-mail: for price and delivery

Digikey is the sales arm of Peter Dahl designed transformers now made by Hammond Manufacturing.

Here is the story on HENRY transformers and chokes.

Our original supplier (ECA then Magnespec) more than tripled our cost for transformers and chokes.

We could not afford to stock the items and then mark them up for resale - all our customers would think Henry Radio is trying to cheat them.

Original source -
PO Box 5366
Compton, CA 90224-5366
310-603-2262 FAX 310-603-2271

Another source is:
Heyboer Transformer
17382 Hayes St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49417

Another choice is to have the bad transformer/choke rewound

I'm sorry I can't supply the part any longer, it has been too many years.

Ted S Henry HENRY RADIO, INC. 2015.