Reproduced here with the permission of Electric Radio (download this page in pdf)

AM Carrier Net: Sunday mornings, 8:30AM local Eastern time, 3835 kc. QSX W2DAP. Friendly format.
Antique Wireless Association AM Net: Sunday afternoon, 3837 kc, QSX David, KA2J
Arizona AM Nets: Sat & Sun: 160M 1885 kc @ sunrise. 75M 3855 kc @ 6 AM MST. 40M 7293 kc 10 AM MST. 6M
50.4 Mc Sat 8PM MST. Tuesday: 2M 144.45 7:30 PM MST.
Boatanchors CW Group: QNI “CQ BA or CQ GB” 3546.5, 7050, 7147, 10120, 14050 kc. Check 80M winter nights,
40 summer nights, 20 and 30 meters day. Informal nightly net about 0200-0400Z.
California Early Bird Net: Sat. mornings @ 8 AM PST on 3870 kc.
California Vintage SSB Net: Sun. mornings @ 8AM PST on 3860 +/-
Colorado Morning Net: Informal AMers on 3875 kc daily @ 6:30 AM MT and 3:30 PM MT, QSX KØOJ
Canadian Boatanchor Net: Daily 3725 kc (+/-) @ 8:00 PM ET. Hosts are AL (VE3AJM) and Ken (VE3MAW)
Collins Collectors Association Nets: Sunday, 14.263 Mc @ 2000Z. Informal Tue. eve., 3805 kc @ 2100 ET, Thu. 3875 kc. West
Coast 75M net, 3895 kc 2000 PT. 10M AM net 1800Z, 29.05 Mc Sunday, QSX 1700Z. CCA First Wednesday AM Night
monthly, 3880 kc starting @ 2000 CST, or 0200 UTC.
Drake Technical Net: Sunday 7238 kc, 2000Z. QSX Jeff (WA8SAJ), Mark (WBØIQK), Doug (W9DCQ), Bob (W4WTO),
Evan (K9SQG)
Drake Users Net: Check 3865 kc, Tue. nights @ 8 PM ET. QSX Gary (KG4D), Don (W8NS), and Dan (WA4SDE)
DX-60 Net: Meets on 3880 Kc @ 0800 AM, ET on Sun. QSX op is Mike (N8ECR), with alternates.
Eastern AM Swap Net: Thu. evenings on 3885 kc @ 7:30 PM ET. Net is for exchange of AM related equipment only.
Florida AM Group: Sunday morning round table, 7:30AM ET, 3675 kc. QSX Maury, N4GUI. Pre-net check in 7:00AM
ET, QSX Warren, W1GUD.
Fort Wayne Area 6-Meter AM net: Meets nightly @ 7 PM ET on 50.58 Mc. Another long-time AM net, meeting since the late
‘50s. Most members use vintage and homebrew equipment.
Gulf Coast Mullet Society: Thu. @ 6PM CT, 3885 kc, QSX control op W4GCM in Pensacola.
Grey Hair Net: A continuous active net since 11/24/1953! 160 meter AM Tue. evening 1945 kc @8:00 PM EST and 8:30 EDT.
Heathkit Net: Sun. on 14.293 Mc 2030Z right after the Vintage SSB net. QSX op W6LRG, Don.
K1JCL 6-meter AM repeater: Operates 50.4 Mc in, 50.4 Mc out. Repeater QTH is Connecticut.
K6HQI Memorial 20 Meter Net: Flagship AM net 14.286 Mc daily for 25+ years. Check 5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Lake Erie Boatanchor CW Group (LEBN): Saturdays @1 PM ET on 7092 kc. QSX op Ron (W8KYD) or Jeff (K3KYR).
Midwest Classic Radio Net: Sat. morning 3885 kc @ 7:30 AM, CT. Only AM checkins. Swap/sale, hamfest info, tech. help are
frequent topics.
Mighty Elmac Net: Wed. nights @8PM ET (not the first Wed., reserved for CCA AM Net), 3880 +5 kc. QSX: N8ECR
MOKAM AM’ers: 1500Z Mon. thru Fri. on 3885 kc. A ragchew net open to all interested in old equipment.
Northwest AM Net: AM daily 3870 kc 3PM-5PM winter, 5-7 PM summer, local. 6M @50.4 Mc. Sun., Wed. @8:00 PM. 2M
Tues. and Thurs. @ 8:00 PM on 144.4 Mc.
Nostalgia/Hi-Fi Net: Started in 1978, this net meets Fri. @7 PM PT, 1930 kc.
Old Buzzards Net: Daily @10 AM ET, 3945 kc in the New England area. QSX op George (W1GAC) and Paul (W1ECO).
Old Military Radio Net: East coast, Sat. mornings starting 0500, 3885 kc +/- QRM. QSX Ted, W3PWW. It isn’t necessary to
check in with military gear, but that is what this net is all about. Late checkins are welcome.
Southeast AM Radio Club: Tue. evening swap, 3885 @7:30 ET/6:30 CT. QSX op Andy (WA4KCY), Sam (KF4TXQ), Wayne
(WB4WB). SAMRC also for Sun. Morning Coffee Club Net, 3885 @ 7:30 ET, 6:30 CT.
Southern Calif. Sun. Morning 6 Meter AM Net: 10 AM on 50.4 Mc. QSX op is Will (AA6DD).
Swan Nets: User Net Sun 2100z 14.250Mc+/-QRM. QSX op rotates Steven (KB7BGS), Jay (WB6MWL), Bill
(W4WHW), Duncan (XE1/WD5IKY). Tech Nets: Wed 2300z 14.251Mc / Sat 1900z 7.235Mc QSX op Stu (K4BOV),
Steven (KB7BGS)
Texoma Trader’s Net: Sat. morning 8:00AM CT 3890 kc, AM & vintage equip. swap net.
Vintage SSB Net: Sunday 1900Z-2000Z 14.293 & Wednesday 0300Z. QSX Lynn (K5LYN), or Adolph (WA5IGG)
or Vince (WB4BPS)
West Coast AMI Net: 3870 kc, Wed. 8PM Pacific Time (winter). Net control rotates: Brian (NI6Q) 1st Wed, George
(WA6HCX) 2nd Wed, Sharon (K6IRD) 3rd Wed, Ron (W6OM) 4th Wed, Vic (K6IC) if 5th Wed in a month.
Westcoast Military Radio Collectors Net: Sat. @ 2100 Pacific Time 3985 kc +/- QRM. QSX W7QHO.
Wireless Set No. 19 19 Net: Meets second Sun., monthly, 7270 kc (+/- 25 Kc) @ 1800Z. Alternate 3760 kc, +/- 25 kc. QSX Dave