News 08-12-2017


Nov 4 - Raytown Amateur Radio Club HAMFEST - Ararat Shrine Temple 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, MO 64101 <
Joel Griebshaber, KC0ELZ - <>



The 2 meter SSB Nets:

The first net is on Sunday night at 9 p. m, on 144.260 USB, called by KA0PQW, Matt, in EllenDale Minnesota.

The second net is Monday at 8 p. m. on 144.190 USB, with pre-net check-ins at 7:30. Aim south. Various net control stations will call it.

The third net is also Monday night at 8 p. m, on 432.110 USB, and the net control is N4PZ, Steve. Aim at Chicago.

The fourth net is Monday night at 8:30 on 144.1 CW, called by Dennis, N0UYN.

The fifth net is on 144.240 USB, and is in Wisconsin on Wednesdays at 8:00 p. m.

The sixth net is called from Decator, Texas on Wednesday at 8:00 p. m. on 144.250 USB.

The seventh net is on Thursday on 144.250 USB at 8:00 p. m, again in Oklahoma.

The eight net is on Thursdays at nine p. m. on 144.250 which I call on USB.

The ninth net is on 144.255 on Tuesdays and Saturdays at seven p. m. This net is called the Flint Hills net.

This last entry is an invitation for operators to join us on 144.200 USB at ten fifteen every night to chat with Arliss, W7XU, Ed, W0SD, and Mark, WB0TEM, all in South Dacota.

Boat Anchor Nets:

Thursday nights 8:00 PM central on 7.203MHz. Net Control is Ken KO5Y.

Wednesday nights 7:30 PM central on 3.870MHz. Net Control is Ron WB5RON




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