News 03-15-2020

It's the start of a New Year.

However this year will be unlike the past. Hamfests all across the Country are being cancelled due to the CoronaVirus.

Since most of us are in the "ederly" age bracket our Saturday Breakfasts are being cancelled as well.

Stay away from crowds, wash your hands, and otherwise isolate yourself.

The good news is that we will have more time at home to fix old radios and to operate them.


The 2 meter SSB net changed frequency to 144.200 MHz. Join the group to keep 2meters SSB alive in KC.

The Northland 2 meter SSB net has been revived. Join the gang on 2 SSB on 144.200 at 8pm central time on Monday evenings. This is a good way to check out your VHF stations and any new antenna installations. The Net is known as the "Nickels, Quarters and Dimes" net in honor of WB0NQD.(SK).


Don't forget 6 meters. The Johnson County, KS ARES holds a 6m simplex net every Tuesday evening at 7:45. Frequency is 52.54mHz.


The club "Winter Project" is an ID Timer based on the Arduino Leoardo microcontroller board.

Our Quarter Master "Ron NE0X" has procured some Arduino boards at a fantastic price and suggested we roll up our boat anchor tents and try something a bit more modern.

For most of us this will be a first time dip into Microcontrollers so the project has to be very simple and hopefully useful.

Glen WS0B has been beta testing the first of the Arduino IDers and reports that his is spot on and working as designed.

Stay tuned for resulting attempts at building and programming the Arduino. We will post the schematic and sketch soon.